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018 August Q &A 8/2/17

I do moderate exercise…Do I need to eat a bunch of carbs before my workout and high protein within 30 mins after my workout?
I feel like all this salt is over powering my food…What are some of the ways you get salt in?
Aren’t you concerned about the bad health effects of eggs…the fat and cholesterol?
How important is it to eat fresh eggs?
I have been Keto since the beginning of May and have only lost 14 lbs. What can I be doing wrong?
What is your favorite Keto dish?
How long have you been Keto and will you ever return to your old way of eating? Continue reading 018 August Q &A 8/2/17

014 July Q&A 7/5/17


How do I find show notes?

What type of alcohol is acceptable in keto?

Is there a benefit to MCT oil over pills/powders?

How often should I measure my ketones and blood glucose?

Do you think collegan supplement is a good thing? Will it help with “loose” skin after weight loss?

Is there a book you would recommend for someone just starting out?

If I have cheated…what is the best way to get back into ketosis?

How long does it take to get back into ketosis if I “jumped” out?

What type of cardio do you recommend?

What are some of the kitchen gagets you use?

Can all recipes be ketofied?


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