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047 Mindfulness Habits 6/22/18

Today we are reviewing John’s thoughts on his Mindfulness and Inner Health goals from John’s website: www.johnodavidson.com

John talked about his phases to changing a Habit:
Phase 1: Assessment. What is the goal and what I hope to get out of it?
Phase 2: Start building the Habit
Phase 3: Growth & Build/Tweak the process to support the Habit
Phase 4: Revise the Goal as needed

John’s Meditation Guide: http://meditation.smallactionablehabits.com

John’s interview on the float tank: https://sph.blubrry.com/tag/float/

John’s 5 Rules Podcast on Minimalism/Essentialism

Are you new to Keto? Have you started, but are struggling? Are you a veteran Ketonian? Well you are in the right place! The Ketonian Korner is hosted by two coworkers, John Davidson and Jolene Hale, who have a round table discussion and keep it real.

Meditation for Work Stress

Today John gives his thoughts on how meditation and mindfulness has helped decrease his stress at work. He reviews :
Types of meditation
Quick Breathing Exercise

Actionable Takeaway:
The 4-week meditation challenge: meditation.smallactionablehabits.com

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All the Online Courses: http://courses.smallactionablehabits.com

Relax Under the Stars [Local Event]

In this show our local Planetarium Curator (and Vice President of Programs) Renae joins us to give an overview of what to expect from the free Relax under the Stars event held the first Wednesday of every month, 12-1 pm downtown Peoria, IL

She goes over:

  • 15 minutes talking about the basics and where we are currently in the sky for our location
  • Soothing background music and the amazing images
  • Luke – Her pet name for the tech that powers the presentation

Location: http://www.peoriariverfrontmuseum.org/dome-planetarium/dome-showtimes/relax-under-the-stars

She blogs at http://starsoverpeoria.blogspot.com

More info on Our Mindfulness Journey: http://omj.smallactionablehabits.com
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OMJ10 Other Side of Sensory Deprivation [Mid Month Update]

In the Float Morton episode I was pro Float tank. In this short update I talk with my wife about the another side to Sensory Deprivation Tank. We always like to present both sides when we can.


More info on Our Mindfulness Journey: http://omj.smallactionablehabits.com

To take our 4 week Meditation challenge: http://meditation.smallactionablehabits.com

YouTube: https://goo.gl/NDBL4G

SPH080 Float Morton – Sensory Deprivation Tank

Today we have an interview with Michael Bell owner of Stress Busters in Morton IL – https://stressbustersfloat.com/

We talked about:

  • Why John was looking into floating
  • Why Mike decide to add a Float tank
  • Explain the method and characteristics: size of the tank, light, filter water
  • John talked about his float

In the area: www.stressbustersonline.com and on Facebook

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Rachel with a virtual meditation program update

It’s been 2 months since we rolled out the Virtual Meditation Program. We are happy to have Rachel give us her thought on giving the plan a try.


Spotify Kids Playlist

Yammer Group

Tim’s thought on Meditation

Meditation Week 4 – Month in Review

Welcome to Our Mindfulness Journey, Week 4 – If you are just finding us or starting make sure you switch to Week 1 and do to meditation.smallprimalhabits.com for details.


  • Accountability Check/Dirty Laundry
  • App Check
  • Will we continue
  • Recap- Where we where from where we ended
  • Tweaks for next Month (yep, we are done with weeks)
    Closing thoughts

We are going to do a few Minimalism shows and a full month checking so stay subscribed

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Meditation Week 3 – Retrospective


Accountability Check/Dirty Laundry

App Check

> New app: Aware

Encouragement – Need a push here are some videos: 

> Tim Ferriss has a 20 min on how/why/tips that is fantastic called “Tim Ferriss on how to start meditating

> 15 Alternatives to Sitting Meditation (talks about Surfing, Paddle Board, Yoga, Hiking and more)

> Listener feedback – New Leaf Meditation

Retrospective – noticed changes, thought, feelings

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Meditation Week 2 – How are we Doing

– Accountability Check

– App Check

> New mention: Audible ‘Channels for Prime” [included in amazon Prime] affirmation: 6m Stress free life, 10m Get things done (no tracking

– Encouragement

– Need a push or some reading?

10% happier by Dan Harris

8 Minute Meditation Expanded: Quiet Your Mind. by Victor Davich

-Tweaks for next week (this week)


Meditation Week 1 – Lets Get Started

Let’s get started with our intro week

Reviewed 3 high-level meditation types (John’s opinion)
App Review
Our Why and some benefits to Body and Brain

We outline our plan and process

Still want to read more? Beginning a Primal Meditative Practice