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048 Travel tips and KetoCon2018 Vendor Review 2018 7/6/18

In this episode John and Jolene talk about how to stay on track while traveling and review vendors from KetoCon2018 – the links to their websites are listed below

Bunker Hill Cheese https://bunkerhillcheese.com/
ChocoPerfection https://store.chocoperfection.com/
Eating Evolved https://eatingevolved.com/
Fbomb https://www.dropanfbomb.com/
Fox Hill Kitchens http://foxhillkitchens.com/
Keto Savage https://www.ketobrick.com/
Keto-Mojo https://keto-mojo.com/
Keto Chow https://www.ketochow.xyz/
Ketologic https://ketologic.com/
Mammoth Creameries http://mammothcreameries.com/
Nui (formerly Keto Kookie) https://eatnui.com/
Outer Aisle Gourmet https://www.outeraislegourmet.com/
Find it on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Outer-Aisle-Gourmet-Cauliflower-Friendly/dp/B07B4PRGX7
ParmCrisps http://parmcrisps.com/
Peak Yogurt http://www.peakyogurt.com/
Pederson’s Natural Farms http://pedersonsfarms.com/
Pili Hunters https://eatpilinuts.com/
Primal Kitchen https://www.primalkitchen.com/ ** FYI, don’t forget John is Coach for them **
Sogo Snacks https://www.sogosnacks.com/
Ultima Replenisher https://www.ultimareplenisher.com/
Vital Earth https://www.vitalearthminerals.com/

Are you new to Keto? Have you started, but are struggling? Are you a veteran Ketonian? Well you are in the right place! The Ketonian Korner is hosted by two coworkers, John Davidson and Jolene Hale, who have a round table discussion and keep it real.

023 KetoCon Vendor Interviews 10/4/17

Listen in as Jolene and John talk to some of the vendors from KetoCon!

Kris and Victor from Keto Kookie:  ketokookie.com

Ted Tieken from Keto and Co: ketoand.co

Jason Thomas from Pili Hunters: eatpilinuts.com



020 KetoCon 2017 Review 9/6/17

John and Jolene discuss KetoCon 2017. They talk about their favorite speakers and vendors and also talk about beliefs they had that were challenged after listening to some of the speakers

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