Start Here

I know, nothing organized yet but that’s because you’re lucky and got here early. The types of Podcasts ‘Categories’ are across the right so you can drill into a type of show and as we roll out more we will get some better organization and add new feeds.

The idea is a catalog of ACTivate small-group session and other interviews on the topics. You will see two names: Ketonian Korner specifically for Nutritional Ketosis topics and Small Primal Habits for more general Nutrition, Fitness, and Lifestyle topics.

Timeline: Each month we set next month agenda and we are always looking for people to talk about their passion if you’re interested reach out

Podcast: Weekly online Lunch and Learns and more with recorded meetings available within a few days after the meetings – Both Ketonian Korner and Small Primal Habits are available in iTunes if you want to subscribe: (this includes all topics including Nutritional Ketosis)

Thanks for making this step to a healthier lifestyle – we know it’s not easy.