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PP04 – Trimming vs Editing

Today John talks about Trimming vs Editing. Lets face it, if you’re pro, you’re farming out editing and they slowly go in and replace, tweak, and everything else to make you sound amazing. PhonePodcasting is a lean startup so I advocate Record – Don’t stop for mistakes, just laugh about them, quickly correct yourself, and continue. This way you don’t have to worry about perfection. That said, sometimes you can’t help it, so you just restart and cut (trim) the section out.

Trimming is also what you do to the front and end to give yourself a nice line to fade in or out. If you have questions, make sure you head over to the class so you can see some screen grabs

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PP03 – Getting started on the web with Larry

Today we talk to Larry about creating a quick website. Most people think it a hard complex process but in this interview I hope to convince him to take action.

Tools I talked about:

Free GMail forward [] so you can send to

In the time it takes for you to listen to this you can have a domain and a blog up and running with your domain email forwarding to your current email. Now is your time to quit hearing about it and do in. Get the class (link below) if you want videos and more step by steps. Continue reading PP03 – Getting started on the web with Larry

PP02 – What does a smart phone have to do with Podcasting?

Three high-level reasons why I made a smart phone the center of my podcasting process

  1. Convenient
  2. Cost
  3. Minimum Viable Product (ie try it quickly)

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PP01 – Introducing PhonePodcasting

As we grow we have been sharing the processes we use to Podcast. As people are at different points at wanted to share this is a way you can try with little to no risk. We published the details in a quick book and will be added to the course monthly.

This Podcast will not be in the Small Actionable Habits Podcast feed other than this intro show to tell you about it.


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