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Navigating Stress through Mindfulness

Notes from Suzanne Clausen’s talk:

•Greater Good Science Center –

•Harvard Business Review –

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•WebMD –

•American Psychological Association –

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Moving Minimalism Mandy

Here Mandy’s experiences as she moves across the country and picks up a little of the Minimalists mindset. See how picking a house with 60% the sq ft changed her mindset.

I’m thinking that Meditation guide from last month sure came in useful

Meditation Week 4 – Month in Review

Welcome to Our Mindfulness Journey, Week 4 – If you are just finding us or starting make sure you switch to Week 1 and do to for details.


  • Accountability Check/Dirty Laundry
  • App Check
  • Will we continue
  • Recap- Where we where from where we ended
  • Tweaks for next Month (yep, we are done with weeks)
    Closing thoughts

We are going to do a few Minimalism shows and a full month checking so stay subscribed

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Meditation Week 3 – Retrospective


Accountability Check/Dirty Laundry

App Check

> New app: Aware

Encouragement – Need a push here are some videos: 

> Tim Ferriss has a 20 min on how/why/tips that is fantastic called “Tim Ferriss on how to start meditating

> 15 Alternatives to Sitting Meditation (talks about Surfing, Paddle Board, Yoga, Hiking and more)

> Listener feedback – New Leaf Meditation

Retrospective – noticed changes, thought, feelings

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Meditation Week 2 – How are we Doing

– Accountability Check

– App Check

> New mention: Audible ‘Channels for Prime” [included in amazon Prime] affirmation: 6m Stress free life, 10m Get things done (no tracking

– Encouragement

– Need a push or some reading?

10% happier by Dan Harris

8 Minute Meditation Expanded: Quiet Your Mind. by Victor Davich

-Tweaks for next week (this week)


Meditation Week 1 – Lets Get Started

Let’s get started with our intro week

Reviewed 3 high-level meditation types (John’s opinion)
App Review
Our Why and some benefits to Body and Brain

We outline our plan and process

Still want to read more? Beginning a Primal Meditative Practice

Meditation Week 0 – Getting Ready

Today we are backing up a bit to add a “Pre” Week or what we will call a Week 0. We are lucky to have Suzy Clausen to add her expertise to the Meditation Guide. As we got feedback we update the process to give you a little more of an action plan to get you going…

Actionable Takeaways:
– Prep you for starting week 1
– Understand what success would be

More info on Our Mindfulness Journey:
To take our 4 week Meditation challenge:

[Published 1/8/2018 but backdated to lineup in the meditation guide]

Minimalism Tech Tuesday

Everyone embraces minimalism differently – Today is a techy Minimalist Review

If it’s worth keeping – it’s worth organizing > Moved google to mass folder files/photos relying on search

Upped the $20/20min Rule to $30/Amazon 2-day

Family experiences, not gifts > I Have fantastic auto awesome videos from Children playhouse and other experiences

Leave you with the same challenge – What one thing you can do today to leverage technology give you more time? more freedom?

What is this Minimalism

What is this minimalism? Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom. Freedom from fear, worry, being overwhelmed, or trapped in the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around. Hear two peoples thoughts on the Minimalism movement. The lessons they learned on having a different mindset.

Full Transcript