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GH02 – Zach Phillips

Today we talk with Zach Phillips, a level 2 certified Crossfit coach

Video talked about on the show:

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Float Morton – Sensory Deprivation Tank

Today we have an interview with Michael Bell owner of Stress Busters in Morton IL –

We talked about:

  • Why John was looking into floating
  • Why Mike decide to add a Float tank
  • Explain the method and characteristics: size of the tank, light, filter water
  • John talked about his float

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Rachel with a virtual meditation program update

It’s been 2 months since we rolled out the Virtual Meditation Program. We are happy to have Rachel give us her thought on giving the plan a try.


Spotify Kids Playlist

Yammer Group

Tim’s thought on Meditation

Time Habits

Goal: Taking Control of Your Day

3 Time Strategies

  1. Time Blocking
  2. Task Batching
  3. Task Gating

Reviewed Pro/Cons of Task Switching (Multi-tasking)

More Reading:

Get What Matters Done by Scheduling Time Blocks (thanks, Fernanda)

From the ADHD angle

Navigating Stress through Mindfulness

Notes from Suzanne Clausen’s talk:

•Greater Good Science Center –

•Harvard Business Review –

• –

•WebMD –

•American Psychological Association –

•Our Mindfulness Journey on Yammer –


019 Enhanced Recovery 8/16/17

In this solo show, John talks about his thoughts on Enhanced Recovery (Topic idea from a conversation after Stress Sweet Spot)

We reviewed:

  • Sleep
  • Food Quality
  • Sunlight
  • Cortisol
  • General concepts on advanced Carb Strategies: Carb Backloading, Carb Cycling, and Carb Nights (not enough info to implement but a general introduction of the concepts

Link to the slides

Moving Minimalism Mandy

Here Mandy’s experiences as she moves across the country and picks up a little of the Minimalists mindset. See how picking a house with 60% the sq ft changed her mindset.

I’m thinking that Meditation guide from last month sure came in useful