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Navigating Stress through Mindfulness

Notes from Suzanne Clausen’s talk:

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•Harvard Business Review –

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•WebMD –

•American Psychological Association –

•Our Mindfulness Journey on Yammer –


019 Enhanced Recovery 8/16/17

In this solo show, John talks about his thoughts on Enhanced Recovery (Topic idea from a conversation after Stress Sweet Spot)

We reviewed:

  • Sleep
  • Food Quality
  • Sunlight
  • Cortisol
  • General concepts on advanced Carb Strategies: Carb Backloading, Carb Cycling, and Carb Nights (not enough info to implement but a general introduction of the concepts

Link to the slides

Moving Minimalism Mandy

Here Mandy’s experiences as she moves across the country and picks up a little of the Minimalists mindset. See how picking a house with 60% the sq ft changed her mindset.

I’m thinking that Meditation guide from last month sure came in useful

017 Tom Seest on Fasting 7/26/17

Tom talks about his experiences with fasting and how he is using fasting to help his Atrial Fibrillation.
If you want to know more about fasting or hear more about Tom’s story, you can message him on FaceBook.

More info on Ketogenic way of eating along with fitness:
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018 August Q &A 8/2/17

I do moderate exercise…Do I need to eat a bunch of carbs before my workout and high protein within 30 mins after my workout?
I feel like all this salt is over powering my food…What are some of the ways you get salt in?
Aren’t you concerned about the bad health effects of eggs…the fat and cholesterol?
How important is it to eat fresh eggs?
I have been Keto since the beginning of May and have only lost 14 lbs. What can I be doing wrong?
What is your favorite Keto dish?
How long have you been Keto and will you ever return to your old way of eating? Continue reading 018 August Q &A 8/2/17