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What is this Minimalism

What is this minimalism? Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom. Freedom from fear, worry, being overwhelmed, or trapped in the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around. Hear two peoples thoughts on the Minimalism movement. The lessons they learned on having a different mindset.

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000 Nutritional Ketosis Roundtable 3/19/17

1st interview with Jolene – This is where it all began

Interview with 2 people that have done a Keto diet

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More info on Ketogenic way of eating along with fitness:

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Q&A wRylie Eating – SPH019

Just a little interview with my 4 year old on what she is learning about foot this week in pre-school

1) Swings in eating
Action: I don’t worry about them not eating a meal, they will eat when hungry

2) Kids craving bad foods – Kids do not always eat the way you want them to eat
Action: teachable moments to build Intuitive eating

3) Eat more Vegetables
Action: Make veggies for snacks, hold back some foods till they have some

Hydroponics – SPH016

Local Interview with Tim –

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Here are a few links with some good intro information on hydroponics:

Kratky Method –
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All-around hydroponics knowledge – (also a great FB group) (High quality video production)

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