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Sugar Talk: Just read the transcript

Your brain can have the ‘full’ signal broken by overconsumption of sugar, the flag doesn’t work correctly –

Small steps:
Look for when companies break the sugars up on the ingredients list so it’s lower on the list
Remind, organic doesn’t change the insulin spike

Misty favorite snack – Cottage cheese %4
John favorite snack – Whole avocado with Whisps in the hole

My ‘one thing’ for this week
Time blocking and gating process

Jamie Oliver’s Ted talk, wheelbarrow of sugar

Meet Misty

Full show transcript (warning via a computer)


Sugar tips of the week
In the 16th century, a teaspoon of sugar cost the equivalent of five dollars

Good vs. Bad Sugars. When simple sugars are naturally found in whole foods, they come with vitamins, protein, minerals and fiber. When any type of sugars are added to foods during processing, cooking, or at the table, you consume calories without any type of nutrients or fiber. This is your bad sugar!

Today we are talking about….Just Misty

What’s happening in your neck of the woods:

  • Riverman at Gold’s on Monday, February 20th
  • Gold’s Gym is open to the public during the month of february

My ‘one thing’ for this week

  • Work on time blocking a little more – the 2 min
  • Eat in Moderation! Moving the plate away when I’m on the edge of fullfilled.

Bullet review – my. 02 on what happening out in the Industry