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Meet John


Misty questions John

PrimalParent (In our neck of the works): Washington park district is having a Daddy Daughter Dance Feb 4 @ 6PM – Countryside Banquet Hall [If you have an event you want to let us know at]

Goal or habit working on: Say NO to somethings at work I would have normal done – little tough love

Happening out in the Industry
Rule of 3 – your top 3 todos

Hello All

So, I’m not going to lie I have tried hard to think about how to use 10% of my time to help the most people change their lives. Great goal, right? Turns out it’s CRAZY HARD. People are different, they ask for your advise and then don’t take it, or they can’t find a ‘why’ that is strong enough to change their life priorities. So, In an attempt to make my creations more attractive and actionable, I’ve landed on the following:

This Blog and Podcast: Small Primal Habits

The goal: Try to provide Small Actionable Tips or Processes to help build changed habits in your life. I know everything isn’t going to be for everyone, but I do hope you can uncover something that will move you forward on your health and fitness journey.